Feb 2, 2008

It was Photoshop Friday for me!!

Little Dreamer Designs is starting an Appentice Program. This will be a competition from start to end and they claim no design experience is necessary . . . so why not give it a whirl?

Submissions are not accepted until February 15. Think I can learn Photoshop CS3 that fast?

This is what I learned today. Keep in mind, up until now I've really only used it for photography work. So I googled tutorials and played and played . . . I learned a lot about brushes and textures and opacity.

Here is my first attempt!! Sorry, I haven't uploaded this to a server for downloading yet, but will if there is any interest in it. I will have to scrap a page with my own stuff - WOW!!

Jan 30, 2008

ANOTHER Studio Dana Kit . . .

Today I played with Dana Frantz's kit called This Amazing Life (which is on sale today too!). It has a fabulous metal alphabet, along with other metal accents. So much to play with here!

The first layout used one of Bradley's photos! This is a photo of Bradley's friends, both named Briana, for his scrapbook.

The next layout is for my album (I'm doing more "me" layouts.) This photo is from 2001! Wow, I look so much younger.

Jan 28, 2008


I applied for a Guest Creative Team position with Dana Frantz at ScrapbookStudio.com and was selected!! After doing the happy dance and reviewing the requirements and sending back my acceptance email with about a 100 exclamation points (grin), I started working on creating layouts with her FABULOUS kits.

This designer has a varied style - there is lots of whimsy, traditional elements and styles, embroidery (love that!!), dark and light but LOTS OF COLOR . . . it is so easy to scrap with her stuff!!

My absolute FAVORITE kit is her brand new one called Dreamery. Isn't that the coolest name for this kit. It is so perfect.
When I opened it, I thought of a photograph I took of Bradley last fall where he was in the field catching grasshopper's . . . it begged to be the first photo I scrapped with this fairytale-like kit. I love the glitter/sparkles. I can see me using them again and again. Even on a boy page like this!

So without further ado . . . I introduce my first layouts from Dana Frantz's Dreamery Kit:

Go grab this kit - you'll love it!!