Aug 25, 2007

Bradley - Before/After

One more, this is now one of my favorite photos of Bradley!! I cropped, brightened a bit, added vanilla cream and then glow.
I've wanted to upgrade to Photoshop CS3 anyway, but can now add MORE ACTIONS to the price justification list!!

Before/After - Cameron!

The first picture is straight from the camera. The after picture is cropped, lighting and color adjustments by hand and then Ren's Actions in varying degrees using Vanilla Cream and Glow.

Aug 24, 2007

Wow - Got Ren's PSE5 Actions!!

Ok, you can get Renee Oakenfull's actions on her blog here. These are AWESOME. Super easy to install and she even offers a full video tutorial to help you use them, not that it's really needed though.

There are a bunch of different actions. Some I used individually, some I used layered on each other. Too, too cool!! I will say that you need a decent picture to start with, but the results are just tremendous.

Here are some pictures "enhanced."

Aug 23, 2007

Layouts of the Boys

I used a couple photos from yesterday to create these quick and simple layouts. The better the photos I use, the less embellishment I need or want!

More of Michael and JJ

I took a few more snapshots of the boys when they were outside today as I gabbed with Heather.

Aug 22, 2007

A Sleeping Sophie

My little girl kitten, Sophie, likes to sleep on my photography stage for my eBay items. Of course, it is a great place to take photos of her too! Isn't she precious?

Sweet, Sweet Cameron!

I was at my Melissa's hair salon today and snapped a couple pics of her super sweet youngest, Cameron before I left. He loved to look at his pictures in the LCD panel!! The lighting was terrible, so I adjusted the best I could in PSE.

Justin & Michael - The Neighbors

Heather and Marcus live beside me and have the most precious boys - Michael and Justin (aka JJ).

Tonight I took my first pictures of them. I'm looking forward to nice day, so we can get some family pictures.

A Beautiful Park

On the way home from the auction today, Bradley and I stopped at Shenk's Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania for a couple minutes to grab some photos. For the first time, I tried my camera out of auto mode. These, however were not part of them.

Where is my son?

Jamie looked SOOOO handsome today when we went to have his Senior yearbook photo taken at the high school! New suit, new shirt, new tie . . .

Then I come home from an afternoon auction to THIS!

Aug 21, 2007

Before and After Photo

I know you are all probably sick of the photo clean up pictures, but I'm still tickled pink over the options and what I can accomplish with Photoshop Elements 5! Here is another one. This is the picture that I used of Johnny on the last layout posted.
If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see that I removed scab from his forehead, drool from his mouth and redness from just below his mouth. I also smoothed his skin a bit, of course cropped the picture and adjusted lighting just a tiny bit.
Of course, now I want the real thing - I want Photoshop CS3! But I'll probably settle for CS2 (the previous version) for now. I'm stalking some deals on eBay as I type!!

Aug 20, 2007

Johnny Layouts

A couple layouts with Johnny (remember you can click the image to see it in full size):

Another Katie Layout

I applied an aged photo/paper effect to the picture. I love it with this paper and embellishments.

Aug 19, 2007

A Katie Layout

I finally got a page done with some of Katie's pictures. Isn't she GORGEOUS!! If you click on the picture - it will open in a separate window you can see it full size.

Two More Layouts

I love Sunday night digi-scrapping!

Dirt Bikes!

I was able to get some pics this weekend of the boys. Of course I'm always a nervous wreck watching them ride! Here are the layouts of the boys with their dirtbikes: