Mar 12, 2009

New Photos of Knox, Onyx and Jeremy

We recently heard from Noreen, who we purchased Knox from . . . I wanted to share some updated photos of Knox - so off we went to the backyard this afternoon to try a doggie photo shoot. She has his mother AND a brother and sister . . . that's a lot of Rott!

Now keep in mind, he is eight months old now and weighing in at a whopping 100 pounds! He is still mostly a giant puppy though. He learns quickly and is so loving and responsive. Him and Onyx are the best of friends. They go nuts if separated now . . .

Of course, I had to get a couple shots of Jeremy too . . . he's not the most cooperative model (grrrr). Uncle Max wants some for his photo wall, so he let me play a bit. These are my two favorites: