Aug 21, 2008

Another boy photo shoot . . .

Brad found me a new model . . . Dakota.

Bradley, Michael and Dakota posed for some photos . . . I think the three of them look like a boy band!

Jamie's Exciting News . . .

Yesterday, Jamie and I had an interview with the Director of a group home in Shippensburg. While it is further than we had hoped, he is at the top of the waiting list there and they are expecting his room to be available within the next one to three months . . . (quick gasp). We have been waiting for this for a while, but now it seems to be nearly here! We are both excited, but nervous.

Jamie aced his interview and was accepted. Just this last week, we started working with a Transition Coordinator too - Meredith. She's great and will assist with the preparation and transition. His goal is to complete the group home program and then advance to a shared apartment program and then finally have his own apartment and live mostly independent.

Yeah Jamie!!!

Elizabethtown Horse Show . . .

Denita, Toby and Leslie all showed in the Elizabethtown Horse Show last Sunday . . . I went to help them and had a great time . . . they all took home ribbons. Reese (the horse) did awesome and Leslie was just too, too cute . . . she just can't help it!!