May 6, 2010

Recent layouts . . . because Sabrina asked!

She's right . . . I haven't posted any layouts for a while . . . wow! Not that I haven't been creating them . . . just soooo busy scrapping that I forgot to post. (grin)

Hope everyone had a great (inter)National Scrapbook Day . . . I know that I did. I haven't even been able to unzip and look at everything I bought yet!

Here are a few of my most favorite recent layouts . . .
. . . using a photo of Reece from a recent Middletown Maniax football game
Credits: SAS Designs kit Natural Symphony.
Perfectly You
. . . . featuring Paige from our latest photo shoot!
Credits: Tempus fugit's kit Bloom and Strawberry Twinkle Alpha
from her May Grab Bag (which is only $2.00 - seriously!)
. . . featuring photos of Josie who is now a local pageant winner!
Credits: Springtime Zen kit by Sweet Tomato Designs
Cupcake Love
Credits: Cupcake Sweetie kit by JustJaimee Designs.
This was my last entry in the Scrapping Survivor Contest at GingerScraps.
It made me get to the final round, but I didn't complete the last layout . . . I KNOW!!
Life got in the way that week!
This was my first attempt at blending which was requirement and we had to use two camo papers and the word camoflauge in the layout. Of course that would have suited Jeremy well, but I already used his camo photo for the first layout and didn't want to be redundant, so I used this one of his Uncle Max that I had taken at a football game. It's a great, true photo of him.

Lovely Day
. . . photo is my sister and her husband with their youngest daughter off in the distance. I really like this photo!
Credits: Rise and Shine kit by Bubblescrap Designs.

So there you have it . . . I still have a bunch more, but will save them for another day!