May 29, 2009

Whew . . . What a weekend!

Happy Belated Memorial Day! I know, I've been a bad blogger . . . I've been spending all my time over at and the PageFrocks blog . . . this contest is consuming all of my time lately! But I did take a long weekend for the holiday. Jeremy and I were quite busy . . . no football game, but we spent a lot of time with family!
On Saturday evening, we went to Bonnybrook Riding Club where my mom and stepdad, Walter, were camping with the horses. Denita and her family joined us and we shared dinner over the campfire . . . we had chicken and steak kabobs, roasted herbed potatoes, angel food cake with strawberries and of course . . . smores (and more smores)!

My favorite photos from that day include my mom's new dog, Honeybun, and the elusive Jeremy . . .

On Sunday, we went back to volunteer/help at the Bonnybrook Riding Club Gaming Show. If you've never been to one, you must!! They are so exciting! Seriously . . . I would do this! What a patriotic way to start off the show . . . (actually they do this for every show, but it still gives me chills.)

Later in the afternoon, we headed to Jeremy's parents for a cookout and to visit with his Grandparents who traveled from Virginia to spend the weekend with family.
On Monday, we joined Denita's family at a local park to celebrate Toby's 10th birthday!! This is becoming a tradition and is a great way to spend an afternoon!
My favorites shots of the kids . . .
Afterwards, several of us followed him to his baseball game (where they got special shirts for the holiday weekend - what a great coach!). Toby is really quite good . . . do you see everyone looking at how far he hit the ball! This was his first hit too!

This weekend, we have a football game in Lykens . . . next weekend will be the last home game. Hope to see you there!