Mar 7, 2009

Jamie's World . . .

Because inquiring minds want to know . . . Jamie's home in pictures . . .

Today when I picked him up, he was happy to let me take photos of his residence . . . here is Jamie introducing the front of the house . . . a row home in Carlisle:

His bedroom . . . uh, he was excited to show me how CLEAN it was today . . . it is SO CLEAN that he got a star for it!!

And finally the backyard which is begging for my mom to come plant flowers or vegetables in . . . I'm guessing mowing will be on his chore list this summer!

Of course, I had to take the opportunity to get a couple more shots of my sweet boy who I am SO PROUD OF!!

Mar 4, 2009

I figured out Photoshop Elements!

Ok - sorta . . . I figured out the layers portion and how to use premade scrapbook templates.

Here are the first three that I did . . .

Oh yeah . . . what do you think of the new blog header? It was a freebie from House of Three.