Apr 15, 2009

Oh Jamie - What did you do?

Yes, he did . . . he had a roommate shave his head into a mohawk. He says to me, "Mom, you know I always wanted a mohawk." Uh yeah, but what can I really say . . . he doesn't live with me anymore right?

Of course, I had to make a scrapbook page of it . . . the journaling reads: I've tried to teach you to be yourself, yet I was still shocked when I first saw this haircut.

Jamie is so proud of it though! What can I do but smile . . .


Yes, Sabrina shares her birthday with tax due day . . . but it makes it easy to remember!


I signed up for this digi-scrap designer contest!

Oh don't worry - I'll be providing appropriate links when I complete the first challenge. They don't begin until May 1 though.