Mar 29, 2008

Yup . . . I got a tattoo!

Here is it . . . the first and most likely the last . . . I've always wanted to get a tattoo that included the boys somehow. I've felt the butterfly is the best metaphor for me, so the artist included a J and B for Jamie and Bradley inside the wing.
Bradley noticed that it looks like there is a K beside the B . . . totally unintended and I may go back and have that adjusted so that it doesn't look a K . . .
I like that it is small and I can cover it with a cuff bracelet, when the situation warrants.

It was a big girl moment for me . . .

Mar 26, 2008

A BEAUTIFUL Day . . . . Spring has Sprung!

Good morning!! I'm halfway through a pot of Folger's Vanilla Biscotti coffee . . . and decided to run outside with my camera to capture the images of spring that are all around the house . . .

The hyacinths are teasing me in the front of the house, the pussy willow tree out back is adorned with soft tufts, the daffodils are in various stages of bloom and the lilac bush is budding . . .

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spring . . . how can you not? It is like a silent, visual promise that things will be better . . . a do over of sorts . . .

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Mar 24, 2008

A "Me" Layout

The quote reads:

Live today fully and you create a lifetime of meaningful memories. - Sophia Bedford-Pierce