Oct 11, 2009

Knox is growing up!

This morning, Jeremy and I took the dogs to the school field to, well . . . act like dogs. They loved it, racing around, chasing a ball . . . ahhhh to have a dog's life!

Bad, bad blogger . . . with a photo gift!

I haven't posted to this blog in four months? Yikes!! Well, I beg busy-ness . . . (smile) But . . . I do have photos to post!

These were taken last month at a Bonnybrook Horse Show. I missed the highlight of the day due to my bee phobia (those that really know me, understand), but did capture these of my sister . . .

And Leslie in all her cuteness . . .

Diane and her family were there, they braved the overnight rain and camped out with Denita . . .

There was a costume class. Toby dressed as Paul Revere and took second place!

And of course, Mom and Walter were there!