Jul 24, 2008

Jamie is officially engaged!

Two weeks ago, I took Jamie to Chastity's for the weekend in beautiful Muncy. She lives atop a hill with a stunning view. We lured her into the front yard under the guise of a family photo session.
Once Jamie's nerves settled down, he dropped to his knee, pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him. Yeah - I teared up! It was so sweet. Of course she said yes!

I made art . . .

Last night I was in the mood to make art . . . quite possibly it was a subconscious attempt to divert my attention from more important must-do's, but all the same it was a ton of fun to pull out the art supplies and I've got a frameable piece now!
Titled Rainy Day Flowers . . . This is a 12" by 16" mixed media work on canvas with an acrylic painted background and flowers handcut petal by petal from various papers with inked edges. Each blade of grass is handcut and applied. The entire piece is sealed.
Make me an offer . . . I had to pay $$ to get the hot water heater fixed this week, refrigerator fixed last week and the CD player broke in my car . . .

Jul 23, 2008

Bradley's Summer Job

Yesterday Bradley and his friend Michael decided to start their own business - yup, they are 12!! They have a mower and weed wacker and will travel . . . by foot to central (gulp) Enola.

Calling themselves MB Mowing, they have created flyers and in a moment of sheer marketing genius . . . asked me to take photos of them in matching shirts to authenticate their business. They even came up with a tag line - Hometown boys offering hometown service . . . at a hometown price. Ok, maybe I helped a little . . .

These flyers were then distributed to neighbors in a three block radius and we are just waiting for the phone to ring off the hook.

I gotta give them credit . . . it was delightful to listen to them discussing realistic topics such as who mows and who weedwacks, what about offering discounts, how much to charge and what to do if it is a one person job.

So they are just waiting for the phone to ring off the hook!