Apr 2, 2010

Now that the contest is over . . .

at ScrapOrchard.com, I can share the layouts! We were playing anonymously, which is good but of course that meant that I couldn't share . . . since these were very, very specific challenges, I feel like I need to explain some of these layouts. This was seriously fun . . . and challenging.

Challenge #1: A famous Hollywood director is making a new movie and they are basing it on your life story (or a portion of your life). What song will be playing during the closing credits? What song sums up who you are, how you live or what you’ve learned? The rules: The only words on the page must be from your song. You can’t use any journaling to explain your song choice. You must use the song to tell us who you are.You can scrap portions of the lyrics, but not the entire song. Pick out the parts that speak the most to (or about) you.

Challenge 2: Take a moment and look deep within… what is the one thing, above all else, that is your biggest pet peeve? It may be something you find extremely annoying about people, places or things… even, possibly a ridiculous or unusual phobia. Let’s keep this light-hearted and fun!Scrap a layout about the one thing you find most annoying; tell us what is it about your pet peeve which you find absolutely irritating, what being faced with pet peeve does to you, or say nothing at all. The sky’s the limit… stretch your creative muscles.

Challenge 3: Challenge #3Scrap a layout using only one word... can you guess which word it is? You got it... Glee! You cannot use any other words, numbers, letters, punctuation... just Glee. No other restrictions... yay! (The photo is a freebie from Microsoft Clip Downloads.)

Challenge 4: We want you to scrap a list of things you love.. here's the catch, you have to have a certain number of items on your list and that special number is your age... bwhahhahahaahah!So let's say, I am.. umm.. 27, then I would write a list of 27 things I love. Simple, right?Well, there's another catch... no one ever said there could only be *one* catch!You have to use "YOUR AGE things I love" in your title or somewhere on the page.. for instance, using the example above, you know the one where I am 27 (heheheheh!), somewhere on my layout I would have to have 27 things I love.

So there you have it, my four layouts . . . I didn't win, but I had SOOOOO much fun with this and it really stretched my creativeness . . . I think I placed 4th and they only had three places (with a tie for third) . . . they were amazing layouts!

They have fantastic monthly challenges there, along with a coupon reward for participation. Their products are truly exceptional in the digi-industry, so if you haven't visited yet . . . YOU MUST! ScrapOrchard.com

Mar 30, 2010

Freebie from JustJaimee . . .

One of my new favorite designers . . . JustJaimee is offering a freebie kit on her new blog! Called Do What You Love . . . this is PERFECT for masculine pages, which I really don't do that often . . . I love the edgy, mixed media painterly feel to this kit . . . look what I did with it:

Mar 29, 2010

New Kits, New Layouts . . .

Ok, I think I've babbled enough about RebeccaPSP from MyLifeAndScrap.com . . . you know that I really like her kits . . . I think it's because they are chock full of great stuff to cluster with . . . and that's my new favorite technique! Here's a new one, Melancholic Bliss:
And then I found this one on sale Love Is Funky . . . I just love the pink and green color combination!
But before I got my scrapping fill . . . I had to use this one called Sunshine that I got as part of the DigiFile collection last month by SuzyQ Scraps and now available at ScrapOrchard.com.
While I was at ScrapOrchard.com, I grabbed this template from their template challenge and used Dani Alencar's kit Time to Rock to create this layout.