Dec 22, 2007

My Christmas Tree

A couple shots of my patriotic Christmas tree:

Bradley is Arting!

He is painting a self-portrait of himself for his Dad for Christmas. I printed a sketch of him on canvas and suggested he use my NEW box of pastels, but no - he wants to sketch and paint himself!

A work in progress:

Photos of the Boys Together

Yesterday, I tried to get some photographs of the boys together. It was getting late in the day and I couldn't get my 50mm to work (taken care - a DUH moment - no further explanation needed). Needless to say, I'm not happy with them but today it is raining. Hopefully next week, we can get some better shots.

POTD Blog for 2008

I'm gearing up for 2008 . . . those who know me well, realize that the fact that I've done anything in prep for 2008 is a miracle in itself!

I've decided to take on a POTD challenge which stands for Photo of The Day. In this case, it is designed to function as a Photo of The Week event instead - more my speed!

Check out the blog, if you want to play along - create your own blog or leave a photo on the comment block each week.