Jan 5, 2008

Look how Sophie has grown . . .

I think she is equal to a 16 year old girl right now - a bit of attitude, but learning the rules and LOTS of energy. She is glued to me day in and out. She sleeps tucked up against my leg at night (graduated from wrapped around my head) and during the day on my ebay photography boards. So now there is cat hair all over the velvet! She adores Jonah and has been very successful at prompting him to play and be silly with her. She probably makes him feel young again!

Jan 2, 2008

Oh yeah - I HAD to scrap that photograph!

Photograph of Bradley

I took this today, for a challenge and while I didn't think it quite fit the challenge - I do like it! I find it interesting . . .

Dec 31, 2007

Michelle Black Actions

Oh my goodness, I think I'm in love . . . with these actions!! I really like the dark, moody look of some of them. While others give a light, airy sort of feel to the photos. There are several vintage options and I really, really like the variety of black and white actions too!

Here are a couple photographs using funky, one of the black and white actions and dramatic: