Aug 10, 2007

Photo Shoot with Jamie

Jamie seemed to have mixed feelings about this. He liked his brother's pictures and I think liked the idea of being my model, but at the same time had to maintain a certain level of casual "whateverness."

I'm realizing that for every 100 or so pictures, I get about seven or eight GOOD pictures. I haven't figured out the action shot settings yet, but like the posed shots. I can see now that a tripod is a good idea. I do have one someone and will have to dig it out and see how that affects my results.

Here is Jamie!!

Aug 9, 2007

First Photo Shoot

Ok - so it was of my youngest son Bradley. But it counts!! We were at an auction and there wasn't much for me, so I suggested we go out back to the field so I could play with my new camera. I took about 100 pictures and these are my favorites. I can't stop looking at them!

Aug 8, 2007

A New Addition to the Family!

Ok, so I did it . . . I got a kitten. I was being very logical, of course until I looked at her. She is so tiny and vulnerable and precious. She is learning quickly - a bright child she is - that she CANNOT climb up my leg using the ends of her claws to propel her. She has taken to her cat bed beside my office desk and drags her toys to it so she can occupy her time (not with my computer cords!).
She sleeps with me at night now. Last night, she curled herself up between my head and shoulder with her head lined up with my chin, as though she was reading the book propped on my chest. She fell asleep like that. It is sweet and all, but I am afraid to move for fear of crushing her! In the morning, she is usually half hidden under the pillow on the other side of the bed so she must have the same idea!

Aug 7, 2007

My NEW Favorite Digital Scrapbook Designers

These are my NEW favorite designers. I'm really into this grungy, clustered style and they have products that work GREAT for me.

and finally,

Worth the looksie. Their galleries are FAB too!


Dirtbikes for the Boys

Last weekend, Andy (the boys dad) took them to to Virginia to watch a friend of his race motorcycle. They have gone before and were really looking forward to it. But wait . . . the surprise of all surprises and isn't even CHRISTMAS!

He pulled up to get them with DIRT BIKES! No injuries and they had a great time!